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Top 6 Italian restaurants and cafes you must visit in South of Tenerife!

Tenerife is well known for tourists from the UK, but also you will be amazed to see how many Italians visit and live on the island! Many Italians have their businesses set up in Tenerife offering great food services! So here are my top 6 finds in the south of Tenerife. I highly recommend my finds to anyone planning to travel on the south side of the island and who's looking for something delicious for their tastebuds or simply seeking for the Italian vibe and cuisine.

Oro di Napoli When we talk about Italy one thing that pops into our mind is pasta and pizza! Oro di Napoli restaurant-pizzeria is one of the best pizzerias on the island, and even the local Italians have verified this. The place indeed creates superb and unique pizzas that look and taste delicious with their melting and mouthwatering cheese varieties. The pizzeria is not expensive and can easily fit into a traveler's budget price-wise. So, if you want to get your hands on some good, delicious pizzas, then a night out at Oro di Napoli won't leave your tastebuds disappointed. Make sure you reserve seats beforehand. Check them out here.

Photo by Oro di Napoli

El Jardin de la Abuela How about some tapas? Tucked away from the public eye and between a few commercial Indian markets, there's a truly hidden Italian gem called "El Jardin de la Abuela" meaning grandmother's garden. This place offers fruity and tropical drinks and cocktails, amazingly-tasting dishes, and exquisite local tapas with a twist. The price range for this place is good and worth every cent for the sake of taste! Delicious, delicious, just delicious! Every dish tastes surprisingly good! I recommend trying the croquette, shrimp bruschetta, and various cocktails and tapas off the menu. The young Italian hostesses will ask you kindly to reserve the seats beforehand as it is a small place, and they run out of space quickly. A perfect place for tapas with friends or a fun date-night dinner, that won't leave you disappointed. Check them out here.

Photo by Nansy Mass

Duquesa Bistrò If you are looking for something classier and more refined for your tastebuds, then Duquesa Bistrò is the place to go. This is a fresh restaurant overlooking the beautiful Playa del Duque, which is by the way one of the best beaches on the south coast! The owners are a lovely Italian couple that wanted to set up a sustainable restaurant filled with quality and of course a really fun and lively Italian vibe! The Bistro offers very unique delicatessens that are served in a form that looks like a true art piece and oh my, they taste like it too! Plates filled with colors, tastes, and a touch of chef's magic accompanied by great wine! A truly wow experience for the eyes and tastebuds that I can highly recommend to anyone! Check them out here:

If you are looking for a breakfast snack and eliminate your hunger then there is a wonderful bakery in Las Americas that offers fresh croissants, pastries, coffee, and tasty breakfast in the mornings. This place is buzzing and almost always packed with visitors, and no wonder, as the food is great, and the staff is super friendly and nice! A great bargain breakfast place and suitable for someone on a tight budget. On the main street next to the beach, you can sense the beachy, surfy yet oh-so-Italian vibes under the palm trees in this lovely bakery. On Sunday afternoons this place offers free food (as much as you can eat) when you buy a drink, so be sure to book a table in advance, because this place will be buzzing with good moods and food, live music, and people! Just as a side note the pasta and pizza here are delicious and so are their fruit bowls. Here you will always be greeted with a warm smile and a fun Italian vibe. Check them out here.

Photo by Nansy Mass

Fancy something fresh, tasty, and tropical? Then get ready to experience a unique Italian fruit bar. Create your salads to your liking or indulge in the tropical smoothies and smoothie bowls by the seaside! Suka Fruit has various fruit bars around the Adeje area that are for anyone wanting to go fully healthy and green in their culinary experience. These lovely Italian fruit bars are a nice detox refreshment after a day of partying on the island or just when you crave something healthier. Take your friends and hop on a magical journey of mouthwatering freshness where fruits and veggies are galore! Check them out here.

Photo by Nansy Mass

Fancy an ice cream? It's an Italian gelateria you can find in Los Cristianos and Las Americas areas. One of their best cafes is hidden away in far end of Los Cristianos and this one has been one of my favorite ice cream places on the island. They have a wide range of ice creams to select from and there is no skimping when they hand you your ice-creams here. The ice creams are huge and mouthwatering! You can also find other good desserts here like crepes, waffles, and ice-cream shakes to name a few. Get ready for a sweet sugar rush ride at this tiny little gelateria that will easily fulfill your sweetest dreams! Check the place out here.

Photo by Nansy Mass


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