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Sunsets like works of Art on the Canary Islands skyline

If you are looking for inspiration for your art or simply beauty for your eyes and soul, then Canary Islands can offer you an exquisite experience. You will fall in love day after day with the stunning and so versatile sunsets year-round on this beautiful Spanish archipelago. Every day the sun paints the sky like a canvas and keeps painting and shaping the art piece in front of our eyes until the night absorbs the light.

Photo by Nansy Mass

The dream-like daily sunsets that fall behind the horizon are a spectacular view on all of the Canary Islands. Once the sun dips, the sky blooms with colors as the sun's rays reflect the ocean and occasional clouds. The more clouds there are in the sky, the more colorful the skyscape tends to be with various colors breaking the skyline. With time you can witness almost the whole palette and spectrum of colors in the vastly changing sky. A spectacle that makes you watch in awe.

The sunset timing in Tenerife changes year-round between 19:00-22:00. To get a glimpse of the beautiful light show, one must prepare to take the time to watch the colorful phenomena, as the sun tends to set fast and doesn't take time to wait to get to the other side of the globe. However, the color parade in the sky seems to last almost an hour! With colors changing from golden to orange, from red to pink, from yellow to blue, and finally, fade out into the darkness of the starry skyline. Every day ends up with a magical sunset unlike the previous one and sometimes even draws unique phenomena in the sky by morphing the sun's circular shape.

Photo by Nansy Mass

On the Canary Islands the summer truly never sets but is always magically reawakened after dusk. Day after day the next sunrise is as glorious as the next sunsets on these lovely islands and could be called nature's true art masterpieces!

Tips for sunset views in Tenerife? Some places that I can recommend for stunning sunset views in Tenerife would be Vila Flora camping area, Teide, MYND hotel rooftop, The 16th Sky Lounge Bar, Roca Negra Sunset club, Playa de Las Vistas, Playa dél Camisón and Playa de las Américas just to name a few.


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